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Roam Gallery

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Lindenstraße 90
Berlin, 10969 Deutschland

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roam ist ein neu eröffneter Projektraum im Zentrum Berlins mit einem Residenzprogramm mit Schwerpunkt auf osteuropäischem Künstleraustausch und einem wechselnden Ausstellungsprogramm. roam wurde 2021 von dem Künstler Ottjörg A.C. und und RAM - Rebel Art Management gegründet.

roam is a newly opened project space in the centre of Berlin with a residency program focusing on East European artist exchange and a changing exhibition program. roam was founded by the artist Ottjörg A.C. and and RAM – Rebel Art Management in 2021.
The project space accommodates art shows, shorter pop-up projects and networking events. roam was founded by the artist Ottjörg A.C. and RAM – Rebel Art Management in 2021.

The goal of roam is to set an example against the dynamics of gentrification in relation to the art market and to be hereby openly critical of outdated and unsustainable structures regarding the art scene. roam defines itself as a platform to engage with international protagonists of the free and independent art scene by strengthening Europe-wide connections, sharing already existing contacts and welcoming creatives to this fastly growing network.

As a residency space, roam invites four artists per year for a 1-2 month stay, one before the Gallery Weekend Berlin, one before the Art Week Berlin. The project space, furnished with an equipped kitchen, bathroom and shower, and a second level for sleeping, can be used for both work and accommodation.

At the end of the residency time the produced artworks are presented within the context of pop-up events during the highlights of the Berlin art year. Afterwards a connected cooperation exhibition with an institution or gallery in the home country follows to secure a sustainable and international visibility. Depending on the individual project, the team of roam is supporting the artist in realisation of diverse events such as pop-up exhibitions, panel talks, workshops and networking events.

This year Estonia will be the premier of the residency program; Czech, Bulgaria and Poland will follow.

Contemporary, Installation, Malerei, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Performance, Verschiedenes

Contemporary Art - Zeitgenössische Kunst

Alexei Gordin

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