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Whiteconcepts Gallery

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Augustraße 35
Berlin, 10119 Deutschland

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Book launch of Katrin Korfmann's "Back Stages"

As part of our " the x Part II " Series, we are pleased to present the new catalogue " back stages " of artist katrin korfmann. The event includes a presentation of the artist and a artist hosted by the curator Nicole Loeser.
Holzmarkt 35
10119 Berlin
26. April 2019, 18.00 Uhr
Über "Back Stages":
Das Buch präsentiert die zwölfteilige Serie "Back Stages", die internationale Orte der Kunstproduktion zeigt. Mit einem anthropologischen Ansatz und in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Bildhauer Jens Pfeifer untersucht die international anerkannte Künstlerin exemplarisch Produktionsprozesse von Kulturgütern in verschiedenen Gegenden auf der Welt.
The material was taken from the bird's eye view from 2015 to 2019 It shows the viewer a clear overview of the chaos that takes place behind the scenes of ballet rehearsals, workshops in schools, and a glassworks in China. A single work by Katrin Korfmann is based on the composition of several hundred photographs. By holding the dynamic processes in a seemingly static recording, it is pointed out that in every place of (Art) Production, new forms of rhythm, pattern and movement are always occurring.
Aufgrund ihres fotografischen Hintergrunds arbeitet Katrin Korfmann mit verschiedenen Medien - Fotoarbeiten, Videos und Installationen. Sie beschäftigt sich mit Konzepten des Framings, der Perspektive und den sozialen Dimensionen der Wahrnehmung und verschiebt die Grenzen von Fotografie und Repräsentation.
About the artist:
Katrin Korfmann has grown up in Berlin and has been living and working since her studies in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She studied at the rietveld academie, where she specialized in photography and continued through her research work at the rijksakademie, citt adell in biella and the Chinese European Art Center in xiamen, China.
Since the end of the 1990 s, their work has been regularly shown internationally in galleries, museums, alternative art and public spaces. They are represented in numerous private and public collections around the world. The Artist won several prizes for her work, including the wheel prize (CH), the prix de Rome (2. TH PRIZE) and the Esther Kroon Award (NL). She received scholarships from international institutions such as the Robert Bosch and the würth foundation, the academy of arts Berlin (de) and the mondriaan fund (NL). In addition to her artistic practice, she is a lecturer at the Royal Academy of art in the Hague.

Konzeptkunst, Künstlergespräch, Malerei, Mixed Media, Multi Media, Objekte, Performance, Skulptur und Plastik

Contemporary Art - Zeitgenössische Kunst

Katrin Korfmann

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On 27th and 28th April gallery will work from 10:00 till 20:00.

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April 2019

Book launch of Katrin Korfmann’s “Back Stages”

26. April 2019
Whiteconcepts Gallery, Augustraße 35
Berlin, 10119 Deutschland
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Book launch of Katrin Korfmann's "Back Stages" and artist talk.

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