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Invocations of Remembrance im HilbertRaum.

30. November 2021


30. NOVEMBER 2021 18-21 UHR

Invocations of Remembrance

A video performance work and installation by Paola Bascón

They say, if memory had a body it would be a body of water crossing the ground, like a woven fabric of water strings that constantly interweave. Always opening, expanding, new channels of water emerging, ramifying, opening up and merging again. A flowing network of expanding and simultaneously constricting edges.

Memories, like subterranean rivers, irrigate life from below. They communicate in silent language. They infiltrate their whispers through the earth reaching to our bones.

‘Invocations of Remembrance’ is a video performative journey alongside magical objects. Evoking sacred objects across time and space, they are inhabited by underground rivers and mountains. Human bodies interact with them in an unfolding dialogue through a deep memory of gestures.

In this ritual, inner and outer landscapes merge, as human hands grasp a long lost language beyond the spoken word.


Text, stage, performance, video editing: Paola Bascón

Performance: Areli Morán, Sharon Mercado Nogales, Thomas Proksch

Performance scores: Areli Morán, Paola Bascón

Musik / Soundscapes: Thomas Proksch

Costumes: Carlotta Scholz, Luise Schumacher

Assistance: Sharon Mercado Nogales

Cinematography: Esra Tanriverdi, Froilán Urzagasti Montero

Video postproduction: Froilán Urzagasti Montero

Website: Shuaitong Zong

Invited by Eli Cornejo

With the kind support of PSR / Heizhaus

Gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (


30. November 2021
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Berlin, 12047 Deutschland
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