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M’AMA NON M’AMA Studio Hannibal.

2. Dezember 2022

M’AMA NON M’AMA is an immersive installation activated by performance.

The title comes from an Italian lottery scratch card and translates to loves me loves me not. Just like picking out petals of a flower to determine the love interest’s affection, one scratches hoping to win. Gambling is a combination of risk and ritual.
Visitors enter a world as accomplices. Their vulnerability is reciprocated by this world‘s mechanisms.
M’AMA NON M’AMA reflects on chance, fortune and fate, without ever settling on a position of disenchanted or enchanted, leaving to the outside world whether to maintain or disrupt this balance.

Hannah Rettl @ha.n..n.ah, Anna Zrenner, Kiarer Kristler @ckiarer, Beatrice Zanesco @bea.zanesco, Karimu Samuels, Kelvin Parham @kelvin_parham, Ann Elise @hotexgf, Daria @daria, Sophie Klock @sophieklock, Damiano Femfert @bludiprussia566, Silvio Saraceno @silvio.saraceno, Linda Kontriner @jortslover99, Sophie Klock @sophieklock, Damiano Femfert @bludiprussia566, Silvio Saraceno @silvio.saraceno


2. Dezember 2022
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Berlin, 10437
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