Justine Fisher in der Gallery Woeske

Justine Fisher in der Gallery Woeske

Heute um 19 Uhr eröffnete die Woeske Gallery eine Soloshow mit Justine Fisher. Wir sind sehr gespannt und werden berichten.


CS Lewis asks, through his story of Alice In Wonderland, “How do you know where you going if you don’t know where you’re coming from?” I can see through my own rearview mirror that my paintings have changed. No longer about my personal, existential dilemma: they now seem more about my response to the world outside.

The painting never seems right, even when a part of the picture has worked and is looking the way I want it to look, something else needs fixing. The painting is continually talking back to me. That is the most satisfying place that I live in as an artist; in that place where my patience is challenged by the imperfection that my work is revealing.  The moment the painting no longer talks back, it begins to stagnate and I have to decide whether to push through or walk away.

Charcoal, together with oil paint, is like walking a tight rope. There is no safety net when I make a mistake. Oil and charcoal are not natural allies. It is the tension between them that makes them so powerful when they work together. There is no set formula in the way I address my painting.

Each piece is a combination of looking and doing: non-action and action. Not some premeditated or known about way of action, but something that is closer to intuition and spontaneity – and a response to my life and my work at that precise moment. Through time, I am engaged in the contemplation of the figure situated in space.  As I become more aware of space I direct my attention in a way that requires me to manage my perception and maintain my awareness in the present. This is what I must do to complete each canvas.

A close friend repeatedly tells me; “Jus-I see you are dramatizing the dilemma of the woman’s body – so fluid and unpredictable vulnerable to nature, biology and time.” I mumble, “It’s about being human.” – not really up for feminist debates.

I am learning to accept criticism and interpretation in a way that does not interfere with the cloudy rear-view mirror that shows me where I am going. It is true we are vulnerable. But that is not what my paintings are about. My paintings are about me; or rather, that part of me that I don’t really know about. And at the same time they are about all of us engaged in a process of becoming ourselves.

Justine Fisher


vom 20.06. bis 31.07.2015

Vernissage: 20.06.2015 um 19 Uhr

Woeske Gallery

Mommsenstr. 35, 10629 Berlin

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