Daily Art: Lisa Zukowski, New York



Lisa Zukowski



The series, Clootie, reflects my desire for and practice towards healing and change.  It is both a lament and a celebration.  I shredded discarded clothing in a symbolic gesture of destroying old ways in the hope of creating a better new reality. The original structure of the clothes are destroyed, buried in wax, and transformed into something positive. Originating from a personal desire for transformation, the works have come to represent the universal desire for healing and change.

Clootie Wall is an ongoing installation initially exhibited in Beacon, NY in November 2010. It is an interactive work consisting of a mesh wall upon which hundreds of strips of rags are tied. After shredding unwanted clothing and linens and dipping them in indigo, the rags were tied to the mesh. Each rag on the wall represents a wish or a hope for healing and change.  The viewer is encouraged to participate by writing a wish on a rag and tying it onto the mesh, adding their wish to the wall.



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