Daily Art: Carla Goldberg, New York


Carla Goldberg, New York

Aqua Marine


Aqua Marine

When I was a little kid I thought water came magically from the kitchen sink and collected in swimming pools. I was endlessly fascinated by the cool aqua colors and weird patterns of light dancing on the surface and just below, bouncing off the bottom of the pool walls. I’ve always been drawn to bodies of water and shimmering, moving light.

About the Images

Aquamarine is a new mixed media series of paint, ink and resin on plexi glass that plays with the idea of light and shadow, frozen water and thawing, raining and dripping and hinting of summer’s cool aqua ease. These are real and imagined, desert pool infused and Hudson iced.  They are a play of water surface, of deep shadow, of light dancing, of memories of reflection and time spent happily spacing out over water.

Carla Goldberg is a mixed media artist originally from Palm Springs, California. A simple country drive to the Hudson Valley right after finishing her MFA from MICA in Baltimore would prove to be life altering. She has been in the Hudson Valley region ever since raising a family and creating work dealing with environment, water, history, folklore, science and social commentary.


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