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Daniela Boo, Art Gally Z

‚You are born alone, you die alone, the value of the space in between is trust and love‘ Louise Bourgeois. ‚The great challenge is loneliness‘  states the artist. Like art, loneliness often feels like being trapped behind glass; that’s the signature experience of urban life.

Daniela’s art, arising out of loneliness, driven by a desire to communicate, describing what it looks like and feels like, on one hand with extreme stillness, on the other hand in a vertigo of colours, can be seen for the first time in Berlin.

Art Gallery Z is proud to present the first Berlin exhibition devoted to Argentinian artist, Daniela Boo, With colour and vibrancy Daniela Boo communicates the poetry, musicality, solitude and diversity of our urban landscape.

Daniela’s paintings serve as a consistent, serial investigation into the rhythm, mood and spatial movement of her urban environment. In this presentation of selected works from 2008-2017, pedestrians, cars, buses, trains, billboards, advertising, television and other familiar elements of our urban environment encircle and abut one another, at times overlapping, at times blurring into an accelerated moving energy of abstract colour, allowing us the viewer to think, along with Daniela, through colour.

Daniela Boo, Art Gally Z
Daniela Boo, Art Gally Z

As everything around us accelerates faster and faster our own pedestrian speed remains the same. This human pace, our solitary stillness, among the cacophony of city noise and colour, as we wait for trains, buses, sit in taxis, is captured in works such as Pasajero, the focus being concentrated on the individual. The observed or the observer? Looked at or overlooked? Daniela’s paintings provoke such questions. Spaces are created between the viewer and the observed, the painter and the audience.

Born in 1968, Daniela Boo went on to win Scholarships in 1986 at The School of Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Fine Arts San Francisco, University of Fine Arts Cincinnati and at the Pratt Institute, School of Art and Design, NYC. In 1988 she was a participant in the Study Seminars woodcock Taipei University China. Since then Daniela has exhibited consistently and regularly in Argentina, USA, Spain and Germany between 1993-2017. In 2011 Daniela participated in an exhibition at the Porsche Museum, Stuttgart in association with Lamborghini featuring her artwork on their sport cars.

Daniela Boo – The Space Between People

noch bis zum 24.03.2017

Art Gallery Z

Nürnberger Straße 19
10789 Berlin

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