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23. Juni 2023 - 24. Juni 2023

Exhibition YEAH, BUT… as part of the 48 Hours Neukölln 2023 art and culture festival happening from 23rd of June until 25th of June.

In cooperation & taking place at Rabbithole

Karlsgartenstr. 3, 12049 Berlin 


FR, 19 – 22, SA, 14 – 22, SU, 14 – 18

Artists: Nick Cocozza, Julius Bobke, Kelli Gedvil, Gábor Gellai, Alexei Gordin, Florian Hesselbarth, Nils Kasiske, Thorsten Alexander Kasper, Kennet Lekko, Marko Mäetamm, Katharina Reinsbach, Johannes Richtberg Nohl, Kristen Rästas, Ana Tomic 

YEAH, BUT… is a exhibition that explores dark topics in a humorous way. Through the use of painting, video and VR, reflecting on crisis (both global and personal) and existential themes this art exhibit takes you on a journey to explore life’s big questions with wit and humor. Visitors are able to gain insight into their own lives through a prism of humour.

The show focuses on issues like identity, morality and mental health in a confusing society; as well as enjoying yourself through laughter & irony. This show not only provides thought-provoking content but it also allows viewers to discover moments of joy even when faced with fear or sadness from these deep conversations about life itself.

It reminds us that it is possible to find beauty and connection in any circumstance, even when facing the harshness of life’s realities.

What’s more, it encourages us to embrace the struggles that come with accepting nihilistic beliefs and use them as powerful tools for growth. In doing so, we can find solace in those moments of uncertainty while recognizing meaningfulness within the chaos.

By exploring the depths of life, YEAH, BUT… doesn’t only provide moments for contemplation and reflection but also emphasizes understanding & acceptance. This show not just inspires viewers to be mindful of their own existence in a fun way; it encourages them to accept that life is both challenging and unpredictable yet still filled with possibility.

It is a playful take on nihilistic thinking which encourages us to focus more on the things that are within our control, such as our attitude and outlook. This helps bring about empathy for others who may not be so lucky in life, and it can help people find comfort when facing difficult situations. In short, YEAH, BUT… promotes the positivity of meaninglessness!


23. Juni 2023
25. Juni 2023
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