Karl-Ludwig Lange. Der Photograph in seiner Zeit.

The bipolar city. Between Hackescher Markt and Kranzler Eck 1991 – 2002

Karl-Ludwig Lange – Municipal Gallery in Berlin

10-part series of exhibitions of Local galleries in Berlin and the Berlin regional museums within the 6th European Month of Photography in Berlin

of 26 October 2014 to 11 January 2015 opening on Sunday, October 26th, 2014 | 12 clock

Karl-Ludwig Lange is a city photographer who is dedicated to the highest level of systematic artistic documentation of his adopted home of Berlin. The exhibition “The photographer in his time. Berlin Years 1973-2004 “is the first overview of his oeuvre. Never before has there been a similar show of over a thousand hand prints from the darkroom photographer. With 25 chapters spread over ten shows she is a decentralized comprehensive show the same – a long overdue appreciation of the great photographers. The project was realized in cooperation with the municipal galleries in Berlin and the Berlin regional museums.

Image sequences
, the work of the photographer Karl-Ludwig Lange opens up less about individual images via image sequences – once told rapidly and straightforward, sometimes erratically or meandering. His visual concepts vary. He approaches the image objects sometimes spontaneously, sometimes after extensive prior research – regardless of whether it is building or derelict land to tour Local or cemeteries. Depending on the shooting location and situation, he takes a different approach – and another camera. Occasionally, he takes a shift lens at hand, to move the optical axis of the camera. The deductions always correspond to the entire negative. The final image is already taken during the release of the analog camera. Viewers accompany long by major and minor roads, stay with him in front of large, prestigious buildings and stand before demolition worthy garages. Everything about this city is equal before his camera.

“Berlin is very different than you think!”
Each of the ten exhibitions of the series “The photographer in his time” refers aware of the topography of another hamlet or other district than that in which the exhibition is on view. Lange brings with it its own individual reading of the urban development of Berlin expressed. In the known touristy areas he dispensed with entirely. He confronts the viewer with something monstrous, as he calls them, as it were: “Berlin is very different than you think!” – And sung differently from capital marketing. Berlin is a headstrong, rougher and exciting place, and he is still characterized by a deep melancholy. It is the major directions of interest to the photographer. For a long time the reality makes an ally, Staging he does not need. The work of the photographer Karl-Ludwig Lange was born in his own order for five decades. His picture cosmos revealed only by attending all exhibitions of the ten-part project “The photographer in his time”.

The bipolar city. Between Hackescher Markt and Kranzler Eck 1991 – 2002
The West and the East Berlin after the reunification illustrates Karl-Ludwig Lange with two well-known and visited by tourists: When in 1991 he picked up the Hackescher Markt for a long-term study, the later investors were there yet not go. The current view of the now historic recordings makes the development of a remote area to the “world capital meeting place” evident. The street photographs show many passers-by, on the later recordings more scaffolding and cranes.
Urban situation of quite a different kind we encounter in the second part of the exhibition: Here we see a cyclist, as he at the intersection Kurfürstendamm, corner Joachimsthalerstrasse – the so-called Kranzler -Eck – loses an object, noticed it applies, in flowing traffic and finally releases this further cycling.

The photographer
Karl-Ludwig Lange was born in 1949 in Minden / Westphalia. In 1967 he moved, seventeen, in divided Berlin. As a young man interested him, such as a completed from the surrounding city can work. In Berlin, he was trained by Günter Horn in all photographic techniques and usages. In most cases, the Leica traveling and equipped with wide-angle lenses, he volunteered at the German Press Agency. In 1973 he took the step from the commercial photography in the artistic independence. He started his own free work, in which he traces among other things, the development of urban structures. The journalistic approach he turned again into the essay. Power and explosiveness develop the autonomous images in the sequence.
1983 Lange was one of the first photographers awarded the grant from the Berlin Senate for Culture. The list of his exhibitions and participations impressed since 1975. Many of his photographs were published in book publications and magazines. Karl-Ludwig Lange is represented with his works, among others in the collection of the Berlinische Galerie Berlin, the German Historical Museum, the City Museum Foundation Berlin and the House of History.

An exhibition project of Local galleries in Berlin and the Berlin regional museums within the 6th European Month of Photography in Berlin

Municipal Gallery in Berlin

Hohenzollerndamm 176
10713 Berlin

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