Lisa Zukowski – New Yorker Künstlerin

lisa zukowski - New York meets Berlin Artist - KUNSTLEBEN BERLIN

Ein großartiger Beitrag über die New Yorker Künstlerin Lisa Zukowski, unsere Künstlerin bei New York meets Berlin. Sehr lesens- und sehenswert!

by Alicia DeBrincat

I’m interested in the way you engage with materials – the materials you use are diverse and unexpected. Tell me about your decisions surrounding the materials you use and how this shapes your work.
As a child I often made things out of whatever was lying around. At the time, I didn’t think of them as sculpture, I was just making. My father was a pattern maker and carpenter. He would create the most wonderful objects and furniture out of leftover bits, and that seemed to stick with me. Why buy art supplies when there was all that great stuff lying around?


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