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Daily Art: Jonas Burgert

Jonas Burgert Schläfe 100 x 80 cm Öl auf Leinwand 2013 Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Künstlers zeigen wir exklusiv ein weiteres, meisterhaftes Bild von unserem Freund Jonas Burgert. Alle Rechte der Veröffentlichung liegen bei dem Künstler. Foto: Lepkowski Studios

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Daily Art: Carla Goldberg, New York

Carla Goldberg, New York Aqua Marine Website Aqua Marine When I was a little kid I thought water came magically from the kitchen sink and collected in swimming pools. I was endlessly fascinated by the cool aqua colors and weird patterns of light dancing on the surface and just below, bouncing off the bottom of […]

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Daily Art: Lisa Zukowski, New York

  Lisa Zukowski smwhitehorn Clootie The series, Clootie, reflects my desire for and practice towards healing and change.  It is both a lament and a celebration.  I shredded discarded clothing in a symbolic gesture of destroying old ways in the hope of creating a better new reality. The original structure of the clothes are destroyed, buried in […]

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Daily Art: Carol Flaitz, New York

Carol Flaitz, New York “Fissure VI” ABOUT THE ARTIST The work of Carol Flaitz is inspired by images of the microscopic infrastructure inside computers that runs 21st Century civilization.  By distorting nano-technology to a billion times its original size and applying an explosion of color and texture, she presents the viewer with a metaphor for the […]

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Daily Art: MASCH

  MASCH “The X-Factor” Mixed Media on Canvas 2013 120 x 100 cm Nächste Ausstellung am 5. Oktober im ARTraum/Berlin Next Exhibition on 5 October in the ARTraum/Berlin

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Daily Art: Romy Campe

  Romy Campe “Kopfernergie” Mischtechnik auf Leinwand 24 x 30 cm Website Zu sehen in der Ausstellung am 5. Oktober im ARTraum.

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