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16. September 2017 - 11. November 2017

Colour, which has always played an important role in Linnenbrink’s work, is also omni-present in the current exhibition, and Linnenbrink extends it beyond the image medium onto the wall. New works from the workgroups Drips, Photodrips, Drills and Cuts are shown on different monochrome-painted walls of the gallery. Here, Linnenbrink plays with the effect of colour perception and colour theory. Whether used complementarily – as with the green wall with red drill and cut – or taken back – as on the front wall with photodrip – he challenges the (colour) perception of the viewer.

“My work is a proposition to the viewer. It is about the way we experience the world through our eyes, how colours move us, guide us and make us respond.” (Markus Linnenbrink)

Besides colour, spontaneity and repetition are apparent features of many aspects of Linnenbrink’s work. In the Drills and Cuts, he pours, mixes and layers different epoxy resin coatings in and out of one another, in order to later re-drill or rout them out in places, thus producing the underlying colour layers. Due to the use of a material of short-lived malleability, the drips and photodrips are based on the interplay of liquid and gravitational pull. With them, Linnenbrink determines the placement of the colour within the space, but not its course or its final destination. They are placed close to each other so that the entire surface of the painting is covered or by a more open setting and more translucent colours, which barely conceal the underlying, carefully sprayed and painted surfaces or personal photos.

Markus Linnenbrink born 1961 in Dortmund, Germany.
He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, USA.


16. September 2017
11. November 2017
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Taubert Contemporary
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Berlin, 10623 Deutschland
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