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Joachim Grommek – happy ghost

14. September 2019 - 25. Oktober 2019

In continuation of the previous two shows in Galerienhaus Lindenstraße, we are now pleased to present the third exhibition of new works by Joachim Grommek in our current gallery space in Charlottenburg.

Under the title ‘happy ghost’ Grommek returns to his signature series, the highly regarded, so-called chipboard works. Here, however, he is not interested in any further variations of prior pieces, or in their fine-tuning. Rather, he has continually expanded his pictorial techniques over the years and applied them to surfaces such as canvas or aluminum. He now combines the essence of these results with his well-known approach on chipboard.

In his new paintings, it seems as if Grommek has freed himself from all self-imposed instructions and begun, among other things, dealing with positions he considers important within non-representational painting. Thus, for example, we are confronted with appropriations of Buren, Stella or Förg, seemingly thrown together at speed.

Surprisingly free forms in a variety of compositions generate a completely new visual experience in Joachim Grommek’s work. Even the formats vary in a manner previously unfamiliar within his practice. But what connects the new work with their precursors is the Trompe-l’Œil effect – and of course that everything is painting, including what appear to be Tesa strips, slightly yellowed, and parts of the chipboard surface that occasionally emerge.

JOACHIM GROMMEK, born 1957 in Wolfsburg, Germany.
He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


14. September 2019
25. Oktober 2019
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Taubert Contemporary
Knesebeckstr. 90
Berlin, 10623 Deutschland
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