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23. Januar 2020 - 22. Februar 2020

Premiering at Kang Contemporary Gallery, Willpower’s Off Planet: Human Scale Light and Sound Expedition Instrument gathers participants to realize visual composing, interactive play, and engagement with others through several intentional mediums. Physical approach to the pre-programmed, self- sustaining space initiates various light and sound frequencies. Some visible and some undetectable to the human eye, each wavelength translates one’s physical movements to a responsive light source- either a soft white light generated by 60 milliamp RGB-LED lights or, depending on one’s proximity, to the warming rays of a 20 milliamp infrared color intended as progressive development to Red Light Therapy. Moreover, tactile connection with the piece or the movement of waving of one’s hands emits the sounds of melodic musical notes- creating a musical composition incited entirely by participants’ gestures or touch. The installation, or participation, is designed to bridge not only the relationship amongst the people in the space but especially the relationship we have with our corporeal identity and imaginative states.
Willpower is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on light, sound and how humans are affected by their environment. He utilizes coding and electronics as his paint and paintbrush. His artful combinations of open source technological programming, electrical and audio engineering, parametric architecture, corporal kinaesthetics, along with his original compositions of sound, visual, and performance art does more than equivocally ask us to imagine the creation of worlds. Willpower actively invites us to quite literally step into the immersive and interactive audiovisual reality he manifests, readily experienced across all his work, but most especially in tangible human-scale installations such as Dimensional Door. The participatory environments he creates open new dimensions in the public’s psyche, whereby the stimulation of the senses allows the audience to experience a state of fascination including a progressive persuasion on his behalf to redefine humanity’s boundaries both physically and metaphorically, and set paths that intersect and celebrate diversity.
Text by Rhea Ramjohn


23. Januar 2020
22. Februar 2020
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Tue-Sat 2-6 pm and by appointment 
Lindenstraße 90 I Mendelsohnplatz
10969 Berlin
U6 Checkpoint Charlie

t: +49 30 920 322 39


Kang Contemporary
Lindenstraße 90
Berlin, 10969 Deutschland
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