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de freo gallery

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Auguststraße 85
Berlin, 10117
+49 30 54813617

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de freo gallery was founded by Anki and Peter Defreo in 2003 and the first gallery opened in Pietrasanta, a small Tuscan village founded in the 13th century, which has been the world's center for sculptors and painters throughout the centuries. The aim was, and still is, to present an exciting selection of international contemporary artists in a professional and creative environment. An important part is to offer all clients guidance and help, including conveying current art trends in Europe. The de freo group is actively trying to offer the same personal feeling and encounter as they themselves experience when they are visiting their artists around the world. These encounters can be experienced at the galleries or at one of the art tours they are arranging. De freo gallery is currently present in Berlin, Florence and Gothenburg.

Malerei, Skulptur

Contemporary Art - Zeitgenössische Kunst

Federico Guerri, Francesco Bocchini, Giovanni Maranghi, Giovanni Talarico, Jesper Molin, Johan Andersson, Laura Matteoli, Luigi Christopher Veggetti Kanku, Made Suamba, Matteo Giuntini, Matthew Broussard, Mattia Vernocchi, Michel Meyer, Philippe Delenseigne

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