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Luisa Catucci Gallery

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Allerstr. 38
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland

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At the Luisa Catucci Gallery, we believe in the power of inspiring art and culture.

Humanity’s emancipation and evolution, since the beginning of time, is reached by feeding the soul and brain with stimulating nourishment, in order to open more doors hidden in our brains, to become better beings, better societies and thus a better planet. Art is an outstanding power food. We truly value its fundamental role of instigator for reflections and feelings out of the ordinary.

Based in Berlin, in the newly trend neighbourhood of Schillerkiez Neukölln, just a few meters away from the unique park of Tempelhofer Feld, Luisa Catucci Gallery, is more then just a conventional art gallery; it places itself as one of the fundamental elements of the area’s cultural turmoil.
The gallery’s program focuses mainly on art exhibitions, inspired by ecological, social and existential matters, through a variety of media, including photography, video, painting, sculpture and printmaking.
Beside the exhibitions, Catucci organises regularly multidimensional events, in order to bind art with talks, culture and enjoyment, supporting the vibrant spirit of the town and the area.

As a natural evolution of a 15 years long project of the Italian curator and artist Luisa Catucci, known as Cell63 artplatform – a space to work and exhibit for young emerging artists- Luisa Catucci Gallery took on board, since January 2017, a new assortment of established and emerging artists from the European art scene, naturally with attentive eye to the Italian one.
Luisa works permanently in contact with the artists represented, not only to develop the gallery’s exhibitions and international art fairs, but also to accompany them in their professional career, outside the gallery’s wall. Several of our artists have already exhibited at museums and public institutions worldwide, or took part in prestigious exhibitions, such as Manifesta or Venice’s Biennale.

Contemporary Art - Zeitgenössische Kunst

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