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Luisa Catucci Gallery

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Allerstr. 38
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland

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Luisa Catucci Gallery is the natural evolution of a 15 years long project of the Italian curator and artist Luisa Catucci.

Luisa took the next step in January 2017 and founded her homonimous gallery, by taking on board a new assortment of established and emerging artists from the European art scene, especially from the Italian one.
Some of the artists represented have exhibited at museums and public institutions worldwide or took part to prestigious exhibitions such as Manifesta or the Venice Biennale.
The gallery program offers a glimpse on some of the most fascinating contemporary artistic scenario mainly focusing on ecological, social and existential issues through a variety of media including photography, video, painting, sculpture and printmaking.
Luisa Catucci Gallery participates as well as international art fairs such as MIA Photo in Milan and Scope Basel.

Contamporary, Fotografie, Malerei, Performance

Contemporary Art - Zeitgenössische Kunst, Fotografie, Performance

Andrea Mariconti, Aqua Aura, Elena Helfrecht, Luisa Catucci, Sebastian Bieniek

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