Sebastian Mögelin

40 Seconds (Ick war mal wer. Jetzt bin ick wer anders.)
Virtual Exhibition Vol. 2 

Laut. Frech. Berlin. So kennen wir Sebastian Mögelin, unser „Lieblings-Problemkind.“ Künstler und Urberliner aus Leidenschaft.

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Schröderstraße 11.1
Berlin, 10115
49 30 22355435

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Our program mainly focuses on developing the movement surrounding Urban Art and allowing it to have a voice in the contemporary fine art world.

Our program mainly focuses on developing the movement surrounding Urban Art and allowing it to have a voice in the contemporary fine art world.


OPEN WALLS is a unique and internationally renowned gallery space that focuses on Public Art. In addition to our actual commitment as a gallery, we offer services such as guided gallery tours and street art tours, as well as workshops and art consulting. Elodie Bellanger and Guillaume Trotin are the French couple behind the OPEN WALLS idea. Former joint curators of the renowned West Berlin Gallery and the infamous Stattbad Wedding, they started OPEN WALLS in 2012 and both have a strong passion for further developing the terms and ideologies of Public Art, and have an in-depth knowledge of every artist they represent. They also openly encourage discussion and advice with anyone seeking further guidance in this field in regards to acquisitions and collections.


guided gallery tours and street art tours, art consulting


BERLIN STREET ART: We own and manage OPEN WALLS Gallery , which focuses on street art. As a result, we personally know, manage, and work with many of Berlin’s most famous and established street artist. This makes our tour stand out—we are very well connected in the scene, which takes our tours on a very intimate route through the heart of Berlin’s street art. We want to share this knowledge with you.


Public Art, Street Art

Aïda Gómez, Alaniz, Alias, Anton Unai, BR1, GIACOMO SPAZIO, Jordan Seiler, Just, OX, Romisa Sakaki, SP38, Thomas Von Wittich, Vermibus

Angaben zur Lage:
The gallery is located on Schröderstraße, right in the coolest area of Berlin Mitte between Rosenthaler Platz and Oranienburger Tor and it’s surrounded by other galleries, boutiques, concept stores, cafés and restaurants. Our exhibition space is a 30 sqm flexible space equipped with everything you need. Moreover, our gallery offers two light flooded display windows: the perfect way to get attention and entice passers-by into entering the space! Please note that there is no storage room. On the other hand, if you plan a vernissage or launch party you can benefit from a small room in the back to prepare little snacks and nice drinks for your guests.

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