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Carla Goldberg

Sea Foam

Artists Statement
Sea Foam-Memories are never just a straight line, but rather vectored in layers where past and present marry.

Ever rooted in childhood memory of water, my new series of drawings based on the memory of sea foam on the edge of a beach reminds me of summer retreats with my Dad’s family on the Jersey Shore and winter treks with my Grandparents to the California Coastline, Hawaii and other world ports. I meticulously draw dot-by-dot, multi-layered, continuous lines of looping white ink on water-like surfaces, which become sculptural as light and shadow pass through my work and become part of the experience. The delicate, lacy, sea foam drawings act as a synaptic matrix holding a dreamy memory suspended in ethereal light and shadow.

About The Images

All hand drawn dot by dot on both sides of a transparent surface. These are gel and white ink drawings. They are from memory. They are not traced or printed or photocopied. Each is an exercise in decision making for every single dot of ink and gel. Light is an important aspect of my work. These pieces interact with their invironment and change according to the source and strength of light. All of these works are clear, frosted and white. The color is either painted on the wall or painted paper, canvas or board behind the works. The color is easily changed and only limited by your imagination.


Carla Goldberg ist Galeristin unserer Sistergalerien in New York.

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