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GlogauAIR Open Studios // September 2018

21. September 2018 - 22. September 2018

Friday September 21st
18:00 James Perley // Performance // Sutdio 11, 1st Floor
19:00 – 23:00 Opening // GlogauAIR // Project Space + 1st + 2nd Floor Studios
19:00 – 21:00 // Patrick Jambon // Performance
21:00 – 23:00 // Irene Graziadei // Music Performance

Saturday September 22nd
17:00 – 21:00 // Open Studios // // Project Space + 1st + 2nd Floor Studios
19:00 + 20:00 James Perley // Performance // Sutdio 11, 1st Floor

In the Project Space our partner la mire will be presenting a suggestive sculptural (dual)ogue between the works of resident artist Maxime Thoreau and a Berlin-based visual artist Martin Pfahler that juxtaposes two different approaches around the subject of form and function of objects. The event will be complemented by performances from Irene Graziadei and P.Jambon.

In this edition of Open Studios, the visitor will be able to experience a broad range of creative proposals from our resident artists;

James Perley (US) will perform excerpts of his ‘virtual operetta’ that further develop his compositional narrative of subconscious creativity.

EUNU (KR) will show her approach and investigation of the ‘architectural sculpture’.

Ainhoa Salas (SP) will uncover the sensationalism and seduction strategies of the media to draw the visitor towards a sensory chaos.

Angela Louise Powell (AUS) & (AUS) Jessie Burrows collaboratively focus on the contemporary issues of privacy in the digital age and how they influence our personal and social desires.

Zeeon Zheon’s (KOR) sculptures will reflect on the boundaries between the perceptible and imperceptible spheres.

Greg Kappes (USA) works will propose a new collaborative paradigm with technology which emphasizes relation, interaction, and connection.

Bernardita Bennett (CHL) will feature her photographs as a means of documenting the ephemeral nature of buildings and the rubble that is left behind after they are demolished.

Janna Marie Cariddi (USA) opens windows commemorating her childhood utopias by means of eye-catching and yet playful images. Maxime Thoreau’s sculptures explore form and function by producing forms that appear technically sound yet, in reality he creates fakes surrounded by a notion of fiction.

Bruna Mayer (BRA) explores the invisible ecosystem within the body – its natural and untamed existence – through the cultivation of microorganisms that within enclosed containers can spread and proliferate freely, forming their own visible and unique patterns.


James Perley (
Eunu (
Ainhoa Salas (
Angela Louise Powell & Jessie Burrows (;_jessie_burrows/)
Zeeon Zheon (

Greg Kappes (
Bernardita Bennett (
Jana Marie Carddi (
Maxime Thoreau (
Bruna Mayer (


la mire (

Maxime Thoreau (FR) (
Martin Pfahler (DE)) (
Patrick Jambon (FR) (

Irene Graziadei (IT) (


21. September 2018
22. September 2018
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