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Summer Show 2022

22. Juli 2022 - 2. September 2022

After completing her Bachelors degree at the Fachhochschule Potsdam the Essen based photographer Lea Bräuer is now completing her Masters of Arts in Photography Studies and Practice at Folkwang Universität der Künste. The work entitled „Der fragile Raum“ can be seen as a response to the inner unrest caused by the social upheavals, the political events and the global catastrophes unleashed in the past years. The loudness of these events are set against the still lifes in private rooms, which appear to radiate peace and tranquility.

The German Artist Frank Coldewey first completed an apprenticeship as a glass painter, before beginning his studies at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin, where he learned under Prof. Hermann Bachmann. The sculpture displayed at Kang Contemporary is closely related to his acrylic collages. These works exist between painted sculpture and sculptural painting. Simultaneously, they allude to the artist returning abstraction of architectural structures which are also visible in the acrylic photodrawings of cityscapes.

Before being awarded her PhD in Art and Design from Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, German Artist Lisa Glauer studied at the University of the Arts, Berlin, the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, as well as School of Art & Design, SUNY Purchase, New York. Her artworks at Kang Contemporary combine text pieces and images of internal organs, bubble talk speaks of what was said and accompanying physical reactions, the sensations one might experience when formulating or hearing these bits of text. When viewed through paper 3D glasses, the red areas acquire a metallic x-ray sheen. The experience of viewing them becomes a performative act, not transferable to instagram viewing.

Katrin von Lehmann who lives and works in Berlin and Groß Glienicke, Germany works at the intersection of art and science. Her artistic practice is defined by creating rules and techniques of performance, as well as expansive installations and photographs. The artworks from the series Unknown/Nothing Is Right Now (since 2015) which are displayed at Kang Contemporary explore concerns of human diversity as well as research methods from molecular genetics and climate science. These scientific issues are translated into artistic practice.

For many years Carolyn Prescott has made drawings of people in the city – in subways and buses, on platforms and along the street. She began to work these images into long-format paintings, which she called the plurality paintings, thinking of how Hannah Arendt described the human condition of plurality as “the fact that men, not Man, live on the earth and inhabit the world.” She states further, “Plurality is the condition of human action because we are all the same, that is, human, in such a way that nobody is ever the same as anyone else who ever lived, lives, or will live.” [p.8]. The artist grapples with the basic and yet hard-to-grasp fact of our existence, that is, the plurality of human life.

TZUSOO (b.1992), based in Berlin and Seoul, envisions a near future in which all human souls will be uploaded to computers. She explores how the virtual world fascinates and drives the physical world from an anthropological perspective. TZUSOO dreams of a space where various beings can coexist through her art practices that focus on queerness of human body, gender and human rights in the digital generation. TZUSOO is also well known as a music video director who collaborated with popular musicians like Lim Kim, Lil Cherry,, SAAY, etc.


22. Juli 2022
3. September 2022
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Kang Contemporary
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Berlin, 10969 Deutschland
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