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Viewing Room: Zeroes & Ones. Kang Contemporary.

12. April 2024 - 21. Juni 2024

The Viewing Room, positioning itself as a digital successor to the historical Showroom, faces the question of whether to relocate to the exhibition rooms of a gallery. The appeal of the Viewing Room primarily lies in its accessibility, allowing users to engage effortlessly from any location, eliminating the need to physically travel to distant places.
Throughout history, participation and engagement have been integral aspects of public spaces – ancient agoras and assembly halls to modern-day fairs, exhibitions, and streets. This intrinsic human desire for interaction, sensory experiences, and the exchange of perspectives is deeply ingrained. We value both the act of observing and being observed, fostering connections with our environment and fellow humans.
Exploring virtual landscapes alongside industrial remnants, Hara Shin, Jazoo Yang, and TSUZOO examine identity and multidimensional concepts of space and time in contemporary digital culture.
The Viewing Room: Zeros and Ones probes the profound impacts of the digital realm on art, the environment, and society. It highlights the interconnectedness of analogue and digital worlds, where organic and technological elements coexist and increasingly rely on each other.


12. April 2024
21. Juni 2024
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Kang Contemporary
Lindenstraße 90
Berlin, 10969 Deutschland
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