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“Woman to Woman” group exhibition. Bode Projects.

28. Januar 2022 - 5. März 2022

When it comes to the question of What is a woman? additional interrogations should arise. A small exercise may demonstrate the all too common mistake of offering reductive answers: What is an artist? These inquiries are not simple philosophical examinations for the curious; they serve as navigation tools in the attempt towards acknowledging and understanding the complexities that exist behind their subject.

Woman to Woman is about discourse from within and in-between. With the artists and artworks present, the multiple narratives illustrate the initial question, What is a woman? but accentuate our continuous inquiries; the intricate and unfastened relationship between women and art. The exhibition does not look too forcefully interweave the artists and their practices but rather pushes the concept of gender freedom. Woman to Woman presents how being female does not come with a prescribed artistic position or confirmed identity. Woman to Woman refers to an internal conversation within each artist’s practice as well as the discourse that occurs between them as a collective. Only in the coexistence of dissimilar proposals within a singular space, can we come closer to understanding the various realities women face by demonstrating how they recognize themselves and each other as women, artists, and individuals.


Stacey Gillian Abe (b. 1990, Uganda)
Belkis Ayon (b. 1967 – d. 1999, Kuba)
Heidi Bochnig (b. 1938, Deutschland)
Layo Bright (b. 1991, Nigeria)
Cristina Canale (b. 1960, Brasilien)
Mira Dancy (b. 1979, USA)
Dana James (b. 1986, USA)
Ruth Ige (b. 1992, Nigeria)
Io Makandal (b. 1987, Südafrika)
Yolanda Mazwana (b. 1996, Südafrika)
Ambrose Murray (b. 1996, USA)
Buhlebezwe Siwani (b. 1987, Südafrika)


28. Januar 2022
5. März 2022
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Opening hours: Fr 12pm – 5pm, Sat – Sun 11am – 4pm


Bode Projects
Berlin, 10719 Deutschland
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+49 30 887 13 441

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