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Explore the work of Dino Wilson in Michael Reid gallery

29. Juli 2022 - 27. August 2022

Explore the work of Dino Wilson in Michael Reid gallery
Michael Reid Berlin is delighted to present the debut, international solo-exhibition by Dino Wilson. The captivating brushstrokes of his paintings sharing the significance of the sun in Tiwi culture.
“Warnarringa – that is the sun in Tiwi. In Tiwi the red ochre is yellow that we burn on the fire – it is the colour of the sun. Murtankala is our creation story – that old lady came up when it was all dark and she made light with yikwani [fire] and it became the sun.”
Dino Wilson
The sun is very important to the Tiwi people. Parlingarri [creation time] it is believed that the whole world was in perpetual darkness and inhabited by yamparriparri [evil spirits]. The wulimaka [old lady] Murtankala came up from underground with three children in a tunga [bark bag] on her back.
As she moved around on the surface, she created grooves and crevices in the land with her body. Some of these filled with water, gradually forming the geographical shapes and channels of the Tiwi Islands.
She made yikwani (fire) by rubbing grass and sticks together and lifted it up into the sky with her two hands to create light for her children, one of whom was Purukuparli [the first Tiwi man].
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Words by Will Heathcote. Image of Dino painting in the studio courtesy of Jilamara Arts & Crafts. 

Dino Wilson

29 July – 27 August 2022


29. Juli 2022
27. August 2022
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