Video: Frank Coldewey – Come As You Are – Kang Contemporary

“Come As You Are” is Berlin-based artist Frank Coldewey´s first solo exhibition at the Kang Contemporary. He is a multimedia artist presenting his new sculpture series, along with abstract paintings.

His intricate use of found objects, thereby creating monochromatic sculptures, refer the viewer to an architectural dystopia; perhaps an aftermath scene of natural disaster. Nonetheless, the artist´s savvy manipulation of the fragile materials and through the act of gluing them into complicated three-dimensional objects, Coldewey exercises his wish to heal humanity´s destructiveness.

Come As You Are
Frank Coldewey
Vernissage: 10.10. 2019 at 19:00
Exhibition Duration: 11.10.-22.11. 2019
Tue-Sat: 14-18 and by appointment

Veröffentlicht am: 24.10.2019 | Kategorie: Ausstellungen,

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